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How animated videos and explainers can increase sales

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It is not a surprise that the business environment in any field is and will be highly competitive, with small and large enterprises developing amazing products and seeking ways in which to sell them. The investment in AdWords and similar tools usually is the main way these companies increase their sales. However, what if there are other cheaper but still extremely useful add-ons to that strategy?

Animated videos for businesses can capture the attention of the public driven to your website. Sometimes making a highly professional video with real people and backgrounds can be too expensive and maybe even unnecessary. 

The bonuses of making an animated videos

1. You have the chance to capture the idea you have for the video and make it really effortlessly

Free yourself from the endless ping-pong between the video maker and you while trying to understand each other and make the video of your dreams. You don’t need any expert knowledge in the creation of animated videos. With simple tools made specifically for you to keep you in charge of the whole process.

2. Explain in a fun and short way the important information

Nowadays fewer and fewer people are patient enough to read even a small piece of information, so companies need to adapt to this new consumption habit by making the content more interactive and animated videos are a perfect solution for that.

3. Create a bond between customer and brand

The same as with any social media, the more regular posting activity you have, the more potential clients you are likely to attract. Due to the high consumption of video content around the world, your aim should be to build a strong and loyal audience that will be waiting for your content to come out and, therefore, have an already hot audience to whom you can sell your products.

4. Optimize your SEO with videos

More than half of marketing professionals consider videos to be online content with the best return on investment (ROI). Furthermore, through search engines like Google and YouTube, you increase the visibility of your brand and, consequently, attract more potential buyers. 

5. There are many free and payable tools to make the video on your own

  • Vyond – a leader in enterprise video creation
  • Animaker – readymade templates from No.4 Best Design Product of the World
  • Powtoon – free animated video maker

Things to take into account when making an animated video

  1. Keep it around 30-90 seconds so your viewer does not get bored.
  2. Remember that this video is the first step the potential buyer is making towards the purchase, so keep the video entertaining.
  3. Short titles and thumbnails made in the question format like “How it works” increase the chances of your video being clicked.


  • 79% of consumers would rather watch a video to learn about a product than read an explanatory text.
  • The revenue of companies that use videos in their business grows 49% faster, year-over-year, than those which don’t have them.

Common mistakes in video making

Everyone must have heard about the proverb ‘measure twice, cut once’. It is always better to think and plan in advance before starting anything, especially something like explainer video creation. This type of content should have a clear aim and try to balance the artistic approach with the marketing one. The first makes sure that the eye of the potential client is captured by the mesmerizing design and creates the desire to click on the video, whereas the second one seeks to make the video relevant for the viewer and even sell something to him/her. So, without further to do, let’s list all the things that should be taken into account when creating an explainer video.

Lack of purpose

As paradoxical as it may sound, not all the explainer videos explain what they are expected to. Companies don’t take the process seriously and miss on crucially important points such as establishing the target audience and how the content should be delivered to them. Don’t rush on checking out the box of just having a video, better focus on making a lasting product and work with professionals. The more useful is the video for your clients, the better ROI numbers you will get and, consequently, more sales and recognition of your enterprise.

Wrong duration and presentation

This point is closely linked to the previous one. When making an explainer video or choosing an expert in this field, don’t be shy about spending some extra time, money and effort on this project. Having a great script will not do the job on its own. Remember that this is a long term investment. This video, having been made right from the beginning, will perfectly last you for more than five years, returning your investment with a big plus. Choose a good software that will be optimal for your task and don’t make the video longer than 15 minutes if you really want people to watch it till the end.


To sum up, invest your time and money wisely. It is highly recommended to every company to have such videos somewhere in their website or youtube channel, but it should be made with care and thoughtfully so it can bring the desired results.